Unemployed Monday – the Worst

The title says it all, I think. I got to 9:13 AM this Monday morning.

I tend to sit down at the desk around 8 AM, and start the job searching. Check all the websites, linkedin, any emails with alerts.

I start applications for any that look likely, make a note of due dates.

And by 9:13 AM this morning I was out of options. Nothing I can apply for unless I want to join a well-known fresh-juice store as one of their ‘freshers’. I found one job I thought I could apply for but as I went through the online registration, you had to check a box indicating you’d had direct experience for over three years in a fairly obscure area. I couldn’t check it, without lying – so when I clicked next, a pop-up came to inform me that I would not be able to continue apply as they had to have candidates with that experience.

So I’ve just eaten some chocolate covered licorice (only lollies in the house). What the hell will I do with myself all day? I can’t even leave the house! We’re getting a major household appliance delivered today, thanks landlord!

Argh. I was hoping by the end of this rant I’d be able to think of something funny to wrap it up with and make myself feel better, but I’ve got nothing. Kind of feels like this is what life will be like for the next few months, I guess.

Now where’s that licorice………


2 thoughts on “Unemployed Monday – the Worst

    • I planted a bunch of bulbs and started a new knitting projects. I really wish my coping skills were a touch cooler!


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