It Begins…..tomorrow

Tomorrow, Monday 3 May 2016, marks the Officially Real For Sure start of my job search in Melbourne, Victoria. I’ve lived in Canberra since the beginning of 2012, working as a public servant.

I moved back home to Melbourne five months ago, and then spent three months overseas with my fiancee (yes, it was amazing, thanks. Yes, he’s also the reason I’ve moved back home. No, my feminist mother won’t ever quite forgive me for that. Yes, I’m totally sure that giving up a great job – and city – for him was a good idea). Easier for me to get a job in Melbourne than him to find one in Canberra, plus his work adores him and he adores it. He’s an engineer – and thus we shall refer to him as ‘the Engineer’.

So we’re back from overseas, and tomorrow morning the Engineer goes back to work and I must Begin My Job Search. And on the basis that this is likely to be a soul-destroying demonstration that I am way over-educated (PhD, what was I thinking??) and under-experienced (recruiter: ‘so, just what does a ‘policy officer’ do’ Panther ‘oh you know….. policy….stuff…..’) the only defense I have is a crap sense of humour and the desire to turn my experiences into hilarious stories.

You’re welcome. 


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